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How it Works: Alternator Slip Rings or Collector Rings


Collector rings, commonly known as slip rings, are part of an alternator rotor that allows electrical field currents to pass through while rotating. The brushes within the alternator ride on the slip rings. This critical component within the alternator enables the ability to generate essential electrical signals necessary to power most vehicles on the road today.

Watch as Fred explains the purpose of slip rings, how they function, and ways to identify how a slip ring can wear out throughout its lifetime. Once you have mastered the essentials, Fred reveals how Bosch inspects, reclaims, remanufacturers, or replaces slip rings found in our 100% remanufactured alternators.

Our strict quality guidelines for testing, measuring, and replacing slip rings within remanufactured alternators remain our primary focus, ensuring you receive only the best products. We strive to help you stay prepared and ready to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting automotive parts.

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