FRED TALKS Tech Tip: Honda CRV O2 Sensors


Fred’s Tech Tips are meant to solve a specific issue that has become common with a make/model(s)/year(s) of car and how to resolve it with the help of Bosch’s Family of tools & parts.

In this episode, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket’s Fred Padgett discusses the common issue among 2007-2009 Honda CRVs. A check engine light may indicate the need to replace the O2 sensor and repair the wiring harness at the same time. For those who own Honda CRVs and need an oxygen sensor replacement, it is important to note that the wiring harness repair kit should be installed as well.

With the help of a Bosch Diagnostics Scan Tool (ADS625X or ADS625) the user can pinpoint EXACTLY what is causing that check engine light on the Honda CRV. Once the issue has been defined with the accurate DTC code, the OTC Tool Kit (4437) can be used to remove the old Oxygen Sensor, and finally a brand-new Bosch Oxygen Sensor can be installed. After that, be sure to check the wiring harness connector or the issue may arise again.

History of Bosch Oxygen Sensors

It’s been more than 40 years since Bosch invented the Oxygen Sensor and began series production in 1976. That same year, the Volvo 240/260-series became the first passenger car equipped with the new Bosch sensor. From there, production grew steadily, and the Oxygen Sensor became an essential tool for fuel efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions. To date, Bosch has produced 1 billion Oxygen Sensors. It took 32 years – from 1976 to 2008 – to reach the production record of 500 million pieces, but only eight years – from 2008 to 2016 – to double the production figures to 1 billion sensors. Bosch Oxygen Sensors continue to lead the market with their high-quality reputation; an attribute that has defined Bosch since its inception.