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Remanufactured does not mean “used” or “rebuilt”. It means that the part has been manufactured again. 100% of all parts are examined and the non-wearable parts are re-used. However, if there are any flaws, the part is discarded. The high pressure pump is rebuilt and all wearable components are replaced. The part is then tested before completion. The extent of the remanufacturing and testing process depends on the manufacturer.


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Bap Product Carousel

Solving a vehicle with an inoperative steering wheel heater and air conditioning

We’ll take a look at a vehicle that has an inoperative steering wheel heater and air conditioning by utilizing a Bosch ADS 525X or ADS 625X Diagnostic Scan Tool, the Bosch BAT 135 Battery Tester with Integrated Printer and a Bosch alternator. See how #BoschSolves real-world problems technicians see in their shop every day.

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