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Special heat-resistant Posi-Lock® connector

For quick and easy installation

Key Features

Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors with OE SmartLink™ are available for virtually all makes and models.
Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors with OE SmartLink™ provide the closest match to the original equipment manufacturer's sensor performance. Each sensor is manufactured with a two-foot length of sensor wire to allow maximum replacement of worn wire.


Bosch Oxygen Sensor Installation Video Image

Simple, step-by-step instructions to assemble and install a Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensor with SmartLink™ connection system.

Technical Details

PDFBoschTips_faultyO2.pdf (1MB)

Bosch Tips - Detecting Oxygen Sensors Faults

PDFConnectSystem.pdf (573K)

Posi-Lock Connector System

PDFEmissions.pdf (529K)

Emissions Charts

PDFO2_TechInfo_Intervals.pdf (493K)

Recommended Check/Replace Intervals

PDFO2InstallGDWEB09.pdf (665K)

Installation Guide

PDFO2SensorFaces.pdf (550K)

Damaged Oxygen Sensors

PDFPlanarSensor.pdf (524K)

Planar Sensor Diagram

PDFThimble.pdf (529K)

Thimble Sensor Diagram

PDFwidebandsensor.pdf (564K)

Wideband Sensor Diagram


Download the Oxygen Sensor Consumer Brochure for additional information:


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Premium with OE SmartLink™


Premium with OE SmartLink™




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