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M18 plugs should be torqued to 35-45Nm (26-33 Lb-ft) ​M14 plugs should be torqued to 28Nm (21 Lb-ft) If using anti-seize lubricant, 1,000 degree "metal free" lubricant must be used.

For proper cleaning procedure please download the PDF in the Support section below.

Bosch guarantees you will feel improved performance in your vehicle when using any of Bosch OE Fine Wire Spark Plugs (Double Iridium, Double Iridium Pin-to-Pin, Double Platinum and Platinum). However, if you do not experience quicker starts, smoother acceleration and improved fuel efficiency, you can return the plugs with a dated sales receipt and Bosch will refund the purchase price of the spark plugs.

Bosch precious metal spark plugs are pre-gapped at the factory and do not require a gap adjustment. Adjusting the gap may damage the center and ground electrodes.


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