Hello and welcome to the Bosch Diesel Service Network. Click on the logos below to learn more about the services offered by our authorized network of diesel specialists.

The Bosch network of diesel specialists is the largest network dedicated to diesel powered vehicles in North America and offers a wide range of services for vehicles and products. Our “Where to Service” shop locator helps you find the specialist near you and the icons below identify the services offered at each location.

Bosch Diesel Center


Bosch Diesel Service Logo


Bosch Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics logo



On Vehicle Service Capability

Icon Description
PC/SUV Drive in Capability Passenger Cars/SUV Drive in Capability
Pickup/LCV Drive in Capability Pickup/LCV Drive in Capability
MD Drive in Capability Medium Duty Drive in Capability
HD Drive in Capability Heavy Duty Drive in Capability

Diesel Product Services

Icon Description BDS BDC DVD
Common Rail Test Common Rail Test X X O
Common Rail BQS Rebuild Common Rail BQS Rebuild O X
Conventional Diesel Rebuild Conventional Diesel Rebuild X X

   Key:  X - Has these service   - Does not have services   O - Varies by location