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mar 25, 2020

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World Leadership Recognized Through the Trust of OE Manufacturers


From the first series production of diesel injection pumps and nozzles in 1927 to the DI-Motronic Gasoline Direct Injection System in 2000, Bosch has been shaping the world of mobility through innovative gasoline and diesel systems. The development of these progressive innovations has established Bosch as a world leader in Powertrain technologies – and has earned us the trust of Original Equipment Manufacturers spanning the globe.


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The foundation of that trust stems from the pioneering spirit and dedication to delivering high- quality products that Robert Bosch instilled when he introduced the first magneto device in 1887. We remain committed to these same core principals today and apply them to the development of our aftermarket parts – ensuring the highest quality, performance and durability to meet Original Equipment (OE) requirements. Meeting OE requirements takes a lot of effort but we believe superior quality is worth it. That’s what we call the Bosch OE Difference.

Bosch OE Difference – Performance, Reliability & Durability

Winning the trust of OE manufacturers demands that quality always comes first and we remain committed to OE Specifications. When the risk of replacement costs and regulatory non-compliance is so high for manufacturers, every part matters and we believe that there is no room for error.

The Bosch OE Difference is based on the foundation of delivering aftermarket parts that provide the form, fit and function of the original parts – where Function is characterized by the following key criteria:

OE Performance ICON

OE Performance – specifications ensure a part operates as required for its application and performs functionally as the original part did

OE Reliability ICON

OE Reliability– requirements guarantee parts perform as the original part did, the same time, every time – regardless of virtually any condition

OE Durability ICON

OE Durability – specifications ensure parts last as long as the original part, or beyond the defined vehicle warranty period


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More than technology


Our commitment to providing Business-to-Business (B2B) buyers and workshop owners and installers with the highest-quality Powertrain replacement parts is further enhanced by our comprehensive service and program offerings that help drive their businesses.

B2B Buyers

Utilizing our industry expertise, we assist B2B Buyers in optimizing operations and increasing profit margins through an extensive array of services, including


Category Management ICONCategory Management survey data, providing state of the market and/or industry trends pertaining to consumer preferences towards brands or price points

Stocking Recommendations ICONStocking Recommendations to assist in refining inventory based on vehicles on the road in their service areas

Blended CatalogsBlended Catalogs that provide the 95% coverage needed from a mix of OE suppliers that offer the best pricing and quality value for each part number

Competitor Benchmarking ICONCompetitor Benchmarking data, outlining product-specific information for making informed buying decisions, such as product design or manufacturing issues that may result in a poor end-customer experience



B2B buyers also benefit from our established leadership in investing in future trends and technologies.

Workshop Owners & Installers

By supplying parts that meet OE specifications, workshops can repair vehicles quickly and correctly the first time – reducing the risk of failure and the costs associated with comeback visits. They also have the added assurance and confidence in purchasing and installing Bosch parts through the warranty coverage that we provide on all of our Powertrain parts.

And through our eXtra Loyalty Program workshop owners and installers can earn rewards for buying the products they need to grow their business.


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Your Powertrain Hub


With our comprehensive portfolio and commitment to quality, we strive to be the Powertrain Hub for gasoline and diesel systems.

Gasoline Products


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Diesel Products


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