Bosch Diesel Service is a diesel component repair specialist, qualified to diagnose and repair all conventional diesel injection pumps and their related parts. The network also offers an entire portfolio of Bosch Diesel New and Remanufactured products for purchase.

The Bosch Diesel Service specializes in the diagnosis and repair of:

  • In-line pumps (A, P3, P7100, P8500 M, MW, VA, and VE style pumps)
  • Governors (RS, RSV, RQ,RQV, RE)
  • Traditional Injectors (Non-Unit Injector and Common Rail)

All work, such as diagnosis and repairs, is carried out by mechanics using state-of-the-art diagnostic and test equipment. They also work with Bosch OE-quality spare parts.

The Bosch Diesel Service network offers the following services:

  • Testing and warranty analysis of Common Rail Injectors
  • Diagnosis, repair and adjustment of in-line pumps
  • Repair of nozzle holders and nozzle holder assemblies
  • Pump exchange program:
    • New
    • Pumps and injectors remanufactured by Bosch
    • Pumps and injectors rebuilt by Bosch authorized rebuild locations





Diesel Product Services

Icon Description BDS BDC DVD
Common Rail Test Common Rail Test X X O
Common Rail BQS Rebuild Common Rail BQS Rebuild O X
Conventional Diesel Rebuild Conventional Diesel Rebuild X X

   Key:  X - Has these service   - Does not have services   O - Varies by location