High Pressure Pumps, Ignition Coils, & Mass Air Flow Sensors

Mar 11, 2020

Bosch has added one gasoline direct injected(GDI) high pressure pump, three ignition coils, and one mass air flow(MAF) sensor to its portfolio. These parts add coverage for more than four million vehicles in operation during the month of March. The new replacement parts offer coverage for Domestic and European vehicles.

Bosch GDI High Pressure Pump

The high-pressure pump is responsible for compressing the fuel supplied by the electric fuel pump to the pressure required for high-pressure injection up to 20 MPa (200 bar).

Bosch Ignition Coil

All Bosch ignition coils are built to achieve or exceed OE specifications and are known industry-wide for reliability and performance. Bosch ignition coils convert low voltage into high ignition system voltage, creating an electric spark sent to the spark plugs which ignites the fuel.

Bosch Mass Air Flow Sensor

Bosch is an original equipment global leader in mass air flow technology. Bosch Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors ensure low levels of harmful emissions with greater fuel efficiency and improved engine performance.