Steering Systems

Power Cylinder

Power cylinders offer assistance in a variety of applications where additional steering torque is required also where there is a need for rear axle steering.

Steering Shaft

Bosch steering shafts play a crucial link between the steering wheel and steering gear. Precision manufacturing ensuring a secure connection even in toughest driving conditions.

Bevel Gear Box

Bosch bevel gearboxes designed to transmit steering input in applications where direct connection to the steering column is not possible.

Steering Gears

Bosch power steering gears designed for an identical replacement of the original equipment. Range consisting from basic Servocom®, both single and dual circuit, to the latest Servocomtronic® commonly used in domestic and imported trucks and buses.

Steering Pumps

Comprehensive range of steering pumps for heavy commercial and bus applications offering high performance due to robust and reliable built. The range consists of vane, energy saving vane, tandem and radial piston pumps for a variety of applications.