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Alternators and Starters

Long Haul® Extreme Alternators

The Bosch AL9920LL, AL9921LL and AL9922LL are typically more powerful, lighter or smaller than competitive 3yr/350K warranty products. In addition, the Bosch units are packed with additional features such as battery sense, multiple B+ terminals and thermal protection to make installation easier and ensure optimal performance. Further product details can be found in the trade brochure.

Long Haul® Alternators

Bosch has developed a series of superior Long Haul alternators exclusively for the American heavy duty market. These alternators have been specially engineered, employing cutting edge technology and processes, to deliver superior performance and reliability over the long run.

Refrigeration Alternator

Just four (4) SKUs of Bosch Refrigeration Alternators provide coverage for the most popular units in operation today. Bosch OE voltage regulator technology makes Bosch the choice for refrigeration units.

Long Haul® School Bus

Bosch School Bus Alternators are revolutionizing the School Bus industry with high efficiency alternator technology that has delivered maximum charging power through millions of tough stop-and-go miles worldwide

Universal Alternators

Bosch 100% New Universal Alternators, available in both 90- and 120-amp versions provide great performance and an upgrade in amperage for many popular heavy duty truck, agricultural and industrial applications

Long Haul High Output Alternators

Bosch is revolutionizing the commercial vehicle industry with high output technology. The Bosch AL9964SB represents the next generation of commercial vehicle charging technology, delivering more power and greater output at engine idle than competitive alternators. With 275 amps max output and an amazing 210 amp charge rate at idle helps maximize battery life by reducing battery deep cycling. This alternator stands up under all operating conditions.

Commercial Starters

Bosch Long Haul Commercial Starters are engineered with many new technical features specifically designed to outlast and outperform the original equipment starters on some of the toughest service equipment in use today.

Long Haul® Starters

Bosch Long Haul® Starters carry a 3yr/350K miles warranty. The Bosch SR9920LH, SR9921LH, SR9922LH are typically more powerful, lighter or smaller than competitive 3yr/350K warranty products