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Benchmark quality from the worldwide leader in fuel injection technology.
Bosch brings the benefits of turbine fuel pumps to the aftermarket for late-model vehicles, as well as for many earlier applications with older technology fuel pumps. The superior design and industry-leading electromagnetic shielding of Bosch Turbine Pumps virtually eliminates fuel pulsation and noise, reduces hot-start problems and prevents on-board electronics interference. Turbine pumps are produced on the same world-class production lines, built and tested to the same exacting quality standards as Bosch OE fuel pumps to ensure a long, reliable service life. Bosch state-of-the-art turbine fuel pumps offer many advantages when compared to older roller-cell and inner-gear pump designs. The Bosch turbine pump design offers near silent operation and eliminates fuel pulsation for improved drivability. In addition, the core components of this turbine design never come in contact with one another, significantly reducing wear and delivering a longer service life.


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Superior turbine pump design

  • Virtually eliminates fuel pulsation
  • Better drivability, reduced noise, longer life

Bosch impeller ring

  • Smooth fuel flow
  • Reliable performance

Polymer-encased armature

  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Quiet operation

Premium carbon brushes

  • Longer, reliable service life

Non-return valve

  • Maintains system pressure
  • Reduces hot start problems

Noise suppression coil

  • Virtually eliminates radio frequency interference

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