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Bosch DistancePlus Oil Filters

Keep your oil clean—longer

With DistancePlus high-performance oil filters. Tested against a leading filter, DistancePlus holds up to 300% more dirt, allowing your filter to perform longer!

Key Features

Bosch DistancePlus Oil Filters are high efficiency/high capacity oil filters designed to keep oil clean longer and protect the vehicle‘s engine. It goes the distance with a 99.9%* efficiency rating to remove more dirt and is designed with 300%** greater capacity to hold more dirt. PLUS, it features 2Xs* greater burst resistance strength than conventional oil filters.


DistancePlus is designed to perform with any formulation of motor oil – synthetic, semi-synthetic or conventional. You will have confidence in knowing that DistancePlus is protecting your engine no matter what type of oil you use and is the ultra-premium leader in engine performance protection.

  • 99.9%* efficiency removes more dirt
  • 300%** greater capacity holds more dirt
  • 2Xs greater burst resistance strength
  • Ultimate performance with synthetic, semi-synthetic and conventional oils

*Based on ISO 4548-12 at 40 microns on D3500
**Compared to conventional filters


Holds More Dirt


DistancePlus Comparison Graph

Removes More Dirt

The specially designed filter media is also 99.9% efficient which means Bosch DistancePlus removes more dirt and contaminants, so you can drive the distance with Bosch DistancePlus!

DistancePlus Charts

Great Burst Resistance Strength

Bosch DistancePlus filters can handle the pressure of elements, leaving you and your vehicle protected.

DistancePlus Charts

*Based on ISO 4548-12 at 40 microns on D3500
**Compared to conventional filters

Technical Details


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DistancePlus™ Oil Filters

DistancePlus Cutaway

DistancePlus™ Oil Filters

DistancePlus Oil Filters
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