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Bosch Water Pumps

Built for extremes

Of heat, cold and high demand

Key Features
100% New for maximum cooling and optimum performance

Restore your vehicle's cooling system to proper working order, and minimize the risk of premature failure, by installing a Bosch 100% New Water Pump. Bosch Water Pumps are designed to operate in the highly-stressful environment of today's cooling systems. Each pump features 100% new, OEM-quality components. Nothing is remanufactured.


Count on Bosch 100% New Water Pumps for superior performance and maximum service life, and be assured that the "heart" of your vehicle's cooling system will pump reliably for years to come.

Technical Details


Download a PDF of the 2012 100% New Water Pumps Catalog here.


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Water Pumps


Water Pumps


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