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Intelligent technology for safer driving

Key Features
Protect yourself from things that go bump in the night…or day!

There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing that telltale thump that means you just scratched your bumper. Now you can steer clear of these situations by arming your vehicle with the same intelligent technology found in Bosch original equipment park-assist systems.


Bosch Park Assist gives you a complete retrofit kit for most light duty vehicles with plastic or rubber bumper covers. It helps extend your range of vision by sensing when the rear bumper of your vehicle comes within five feet of an obstacle. Park Assist emits both sight and sound warnings, giving you ample time to stop before an impact occurs. The warnings intensify the closer you get to an obstacle, and then stop within five seconds when the distance between becomes constant (such as when the vehicle stops).


Nothing can replace driver skill and common sense when parking or backing up, but Bosch Park Assist gives you the advantage of an extra pair of eyes to help keep you and your family safer on the road. Plus, it helps avoid annoying and costly bumper damage along the way.


Part Assist Crash Kit
In the event of a collision, it is not necessary to completely replace an existing Bosch Park Assist system. Bosch offers a Park Assist Crash Kit that includes one Ultrasonic sensor and a silicon ring so that you can replace only those sensors that are damaged.


Ask your auto parts and service professional about Bosch Park Assist or Bosch Park Assist Crash kits.

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Park Assist


Park Assist


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