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Oxygen Sensor Design


Sensor design and ceramic technology

Key Features

Bosch ceramic technology affords best-in-class performance.
The ceramic element is the most critical part of any oxygen sensor. As the inventor of the automotive oxygen sensor, Bosch leads the industry in the development and manufacturing of oxygen sensor ceramics. Bosch patented materials and processes are your assurance of unparalleled oxygen sensor quality and performance.


Bosch planar ceramic technology
The ceramic element in Bosch planar type oxygen sensors is created by printing multiple layers of protective, insulating, adhesive, and conductive materials, including platinum, on several ceramic layers. These layers are pressed together and fired in a kiln and the resulting element is lightweight and incredibly hard and strong, for best-in-class performance and maximum service life.


Bosch thimble ceramic technology
In Bosch Premium Thimble Type Oxygen Sensors, the zirconium ceramic thimble projects into the exhaust system. The oxygen sensor's ceramic element becomes electrically conductive at high temperature. Then the O2 sensor element sends voltage signals back to your vehicle's engine management system to regulate the fuel to air ratio, for optimum efficiency

Planar Ceramic Thimble Ceramic


Bosch planar ceramic technology


Bosch thimble ceramic technology

Technical Details

PDFBoschTips_faultyO2.pdf (1MB)

Bosch Tips - Detecting Oxygen Sensors Faults

PDFConnectSystem.pdf (573K)

Posi-Lock Connector System

PDFEmissions.pdf (529K)

Emissions Charts

PDFO2_TechInfo_Intervals.pdf (493K)

Recommended Check/Replace Intervals

PDFO2InstallGDWEB09.pdf (665K)

Installation Guide

PDFO2SensorFaces.pdf (550K)

Damaged Oxygen Sensors

PDFPlanarSensor.pdf (524K)

Planar Sensor Diagram

PDFThimble.pdf (529K)

Thimble Sensor Diagram

PDFwidebandsensor.pdf (564K)

Wideband Sensor Diagram


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Oxygen Sensor Design


Oxygen Sensor Design


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