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Bosch 100% New Alternators

All new parts for longest life

Premium 100% New quality that delivers years of reliable performance, even under the most extreme operating conditions.

Key Features

100% new components withstand the harshest environments for the best performance and longest life.

Today's advanced automotive technology places increased demands on automotive components. The high heat environment places an extreme burden on the individual components of a vehicle's alternator. When an alternator fails, chances are its components have outlived its service life. Bosch Professional Preferred 100% New Alternators are the perfect solution. The same manufacturing and design technology behind Bosch alternators for Sprint Cup racing applications go into every Bosch new alternator.

None of the new alternator components have ever been exposed to the harsh conditions that can shorten life. They are built specifically to withstand excessive heat and high electrical demands. And all Bosch Alternators are designed to be identical or more advanced in fit and performance to the original equipment parts they replace.

  • No other original equipment OE alternator and starter manufacturer charges as many batteries as Bosch in the Sprint Cup Series.
  • Bosch is the replacement alternator of choice for police departments from Florida to Arizona.


Technical Details

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100% New Alternators


100% New Alternators


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